Fellowship Anywhere
Hi, my name is Jim

I built Twelvr to help us stay connected to our program and each other when we are out of the rooms.  Twelvr is not trying to replace meetings and fellowship.  Rather, Twelvr's goal is to facilitate in-person contact when we are away from home, traveling for work or out in the world enjoying life and seeking adventure.

The Twelvr community is finding itself through a whisper network, one person at a time.  We are not a social media app pursuing huge numbers of membership. Twelvr aims to be a safe space online for people to find support and give support to each other.  Each member has been invited personally by a current member.  If you know someone who you would be likely to help or be helped by, please invite that person to join our community.  Keep in mind, becoming a member of Twelvr means someone may reach out to you for support and fellowship.  Hopefully you can respond to the call with an open heart, open mind and ready hands.

This is the first version of the app, and we welcome your feedback via the contact link above.  Beyond feature requests and bugs, please send screenshots and details of any inappropriate behavior.  Twelvr has a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate behavior such as sexual harassment, offering to buy or sell illegal substances, or using this platform as a marketing tool.  If something makes you uncomfortable or negatively impacts your recovery journey, trust your instinct and report it.  Toxic actions not limited to the ones above will result in a ban from this app.  If several people you invite are banned from the site your ability to invite new members will be disabled.  

At this point Twelvr has been financed by myself and a small team of contributors who believe in the mission.  If you think Twelvr is valuable for you I would appreciate whatever small amount you can contribute to keep it going.  

This platform is built on the premise of anonymity but the administration of Twelvr requires that we collect some personal information. That information will not be sold or revealed to any third parties. This is a value that we promise to uphold as creators and administrators of the Twelvr app.

I am so grateful to be a member of this community.  My hope for Twelvr is that it will help us be reachable to each other whenever anyone needs to reach out for help.


Twelvr is an invite only app, meaning that an existing member has to invite you onto the platform.  Each member profile has access to an "Invite" form.  A current member enters the email and gender marker of the new member.  Submitting this form is the only way for new members to gain access to the app.  The character of the community is going to be defined by whom you invite.
Location Service
Twelvr uses the location services on a member's smartphone.  This allows members to connect with other people in recovery that are near them.  ScrollView populates with the person closest to you at the top of the scroll.  MapView uses pinch and drag navigation to help you seek out support where you are headed.  For security pins identifying member location do not reveal exact location.
Posting Your Location
Twelvr allows you to post where you are and where you are going. 
Members can post ad-hoc meetings and their future location.  If your destination has meetings please go to them.  Twelvr is intended to fill a void not replace the awesome experience of going to established meetings when you are traveling.

When a member is invited onto the platform they must identify their gender marker as Male, Female or Non-Binary. Members are able to make themselves visible to only their gender if they feel that will increase their comfort level when using Twelvr.  Members are able to select their fellowship and search for others in their fellowship and search locations. Members are able to change visibility of their profiles, making themselves visible to all members or just their contacts.  These functions will evolve. Please share any ideas for improvement via the contact links on this site.


You already kind of know the rules informed by the 12 steps.  

When engaging with others on Twelvr always try to take the next best step. We expect that what is said here, texted here, or shared here stays here.

In an effort to create safe space for all members, Twelvr has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior. Twelvr is not a dating app. Twelvr is not a marketing platform. This is a place where you can provide support and  fellowship to people in recovery and visa versa. 

The following are suggestions and not mandatory.

All of the images on this site are meant to be examples of good profile pics.  A good picture should express who you are while maintaining your anonymity.  

Profile names should not be a name someone could google and find you.